Liaflora was created in honor of my beautiful mother in Heaven, Rosalia.  
I was truly blessed to have been born as her child.  I endured an abundance of unconditional, genuine kindness and love from my mother. Anybody who knew her was impacted.  She not only loved with her whole heart, always unconditionally, never with judgement; nor expectations, but she would do anything she could to help another person; especially children and anybody who could not help themselves.  When her life was taken early by COVID,  the meaning of my life was forever changed and Liaflora was created. 
We want to help you raise money for your cause/charity.  Sell our bracelets! We will customize our bracelets to your specs and sell them to you at a volume discount so you will have the ability to put a large portion of the sales towards your cause;  while spreading awareness through wearing and sharing!  
Together we can make the world a more colorful place one bracelet at a time!  
For inquiries & requests contact us:
When you make a purchase from our website, a portion of the total will go to Operation Underground Railroad. 
"God's children are not for sale"
Link to donate directly to Operation Underground Railroad: